• Image of Jazzy Red Jasper Fine Silver Pedant

Looking to add some color to your ensemble? This red jasper will fill the bill.

Jasper is a mix of quartz and/or chalcedony, mixed with other minerals that give it its colors. It’s named is derived for the French word for “spotted stone”. It comes in many colors and sometimes with banding or layered color. Picture jaspers, such as Biggs seem to show landscapes.

Red Jasper is believed to have stimulating properties and is thought to be a protective stone.

Silver Art Clay is made from silver reclaimed from photography and X-rays, combined with an organic binder. It can be formed just like clay: rolled, stamped, coiled, joined, and is then dried. Then it is fired by kiln or flame and the organics burn out, leaving .999 fine silver. It is versatile and fun to work!

Comes with an 18" double rope sterling silver neck chain (not shown).

approx. 1 1/8" X 2 3/8"


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