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Malas have been part of spiritual practice for thousands of years. Used in the Buddhist meditation practice, each element serves a purpose. They are overhand knotted to provide space between the beads and repetition of the mantra. There are 108 beads, there are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, and both male and female add up to 108. The guru bead is the 109th bead and symbolizes the guru-student relationship. The tassel binds the threads together and symbolizes our connection to the divine. Malas can be worn around the neck or wrist.

Amethyst derives its name for the Greek word “intoxicate”, because it was believed to prevent drunkenness. For that reason, it often adorned drinking vessels. It is a type of violet quartz. It is used to promote peace and spiritual awareness.

Approximately 21" long , hand knotted with silk, The guru bead is jasper.


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