• Image of Septarian Nodule 14 Karat Gold Fill Wirewrapped Teardrop Pendant

Septarian nodules are found in Utah. They’re also called “mud balls”, as they are concretions of mud that cracked and infiltrated with calcite. Calcite gave way to aragonite. So, calcite comprises the yellowish crystalline interior, aragonite the brown lines, and grey, the limestone mud. They take their name septarian, as they tend to crack in 7 directions, hence, septarian from the Greek septem for “seven”.

Wrapped in 14 karat gold filled wire. 14 karat gold fill wire is durable, containing about 100 times more gold than gold plate. It is considered to be heirloom quality.

2 3/8" X 1" approx.

18" 14 kt. gold fill rolo chain included.



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